Star Wars And Marvel Leave Netflix, Head To Disney's New Streaming Service

In the words of the great wordsmith, Yoda:  "Do or do not, there is no try."

Netflix tried but they couldn't convince Disney to let them keep Star Wars and Marvel as part of their service. Instead, Disney's upcoming streaming service will be the exclusive home of both properties beginning in 2019, along with all of the studio's extensive content.

When news first broke of Disney's plans to launch a standalone premium steaming service, the distribution fate of Marvel and Star Wars was still in doubt. Now we know they will join Pixar, Disney's animated and live-action classics, Disney Channel shows, and content created solely for the app. Disney CEO Bob Iger adds that the service will be the exclusive venue for their low-budget films, which basically means the only movies you'll get in theaters are the potential blockbusters. That's disappointing, and it makes me wonder if a film like Pete's Dragon would even get a theatrical run.

So far Disney has not come up with a price point for their subscription service but they can pretty much charge what they want, right? You know it's only a matter of time before a Star Wars or Marvel film/series launches on it, and if there's no other avenue to see it what else is there to do? Cha-ching.

This is a devastating hit Netflix is taking because Disney's library is so vast and obviously a massive draw. So start watching all of those Disney movies now because they won't be around on Netflix for long.  [Variety]