Rooney Mara Has A Deadly Past In New Trailer For 'The Secret Scripture'

It was nearly a year ago we received the first trailer for Jim Sheridan's The Secret Scripture, just a few weeks removed from the world premiere at Toronto. Even then the buzz was pretty bad on the drama, despite Sheridan's stature as a filmmaker (He directed the beloved In America and My Left Foot) and the cast which is led by Rooney Mara, Vanessa Redgrave, Eric Bana, Theo James, and Jack Reynor. In that time there hasn't been much talk of the film at all as it prepares to open next month in the heart of the awards season. Certain the talent is there, but can it overcome the negative stigma attached for so long?

Based on the novel by Sebastian Barry, the film follows the mysterious Rose (Redgrave), a 100-year-old woman who details her younger life in a diary. Mara plays the younger Rose, who navigates complicated relationships and a murder accusation in turbulent 1930s and '40s Ireland.

The Secret Scripture opens October 13th.