Punch Drunk DVDs: 'Transformers: The Last Knight', '47 Meters Down', 'The Beguiled', And More!



In the fifth installment of Michael Bay’s action spectacle Transformers franchise, the human race is at war with the titular robo-cars, and Optimus Prime is missing. The fate of the earth therefore rests, once again, on the shoulders of everyman mechanic Cade (Mark Wahlberg), who with the help of an Archiologist, fan-favorite Autobot Bumblebee, and an acclaimed historian (Anthony Hopkins) searches through the secret ancient history of the Transformers to discover the origins of the current global threat.  

We Said: “The spectacle and scope of Bay's action sequences don't have much impact anymore, although Prime still looks hella cool slicing down Decepticons with his gigantic sword. Who needs Excalibur when you have a sword the size of a building? Not only is Bay on his way out, but Wahlberg has said he's finished now, too. That's probably for the best. Transformers: The Last Knight isn't going to send either out on a high note, but at least their stepping aside will allow others to give this franchise a fresh coat of paint.  ” Rating: 1 out of 5

Summer thriller 47 Meters Down follows sisters Kate (Claire Holt) and Lisa (Mandy Moore) on their ill-fated vacation to Mexico. After their supposedly “safe” protective cage detatches from their boat during a diving tour, the sisters are stuck, sunken at the bottom of a shark-infested ocean with a limited supply of oxygen.

We Said: “47 Meters Down is the best of both worlds as we have a ridiculous premise along with weak dialogue.  However, the film does give a genuinely scary environment with plenty of suspenseful moments as you can’t help but jump even if you are the most jaded horror fan.  The film even gives you a great lesson in scuba diving, equipment, breathing, the bends, and another surprise in it not worth spoiling: all scientifically accurate.” Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Writer/Director Sofia Coppola’s remimagining of the classic story, The Beguiled  explores the dark sexual tension lying beneth the surface at an all-girls school in the repressive Confederate South. When the girls discover a Union soldier (Collin Ferrell) wounded outside their property, they convince their strict headmistress (Nicole Kidman) to bring him in and nurse him back to health. During his stay, the tensions rise amongst the repressed women, fighting for the attention of the only man they’re close with.

We Said: “When it all comes to light, Coppola's trademark restraint is understood and appreciated. For like the polite women of Miss Farnsworth's school, The Beguiled's genteel nature is just a way to lure you in.” Rating: 3.5 out of 5