Punch Drunk DVDs: 'The Mummy (2017)', 'Captain Underpants', 'It Comes at Night', And More!


The launching-off point for Universal’s new Dark Universe of monster movies, this new take on The Mummy sees Nick (Tom Cruise), an archeologist -for-hire, who accidentally unleashes Ahmarnet, an ancient Egyptian princess who seeks retribution for her betrayal thousands of years ago. As her powers grow stronger, Nick is forced to prepare for battle. He alone can put a stop to the ancient monster’s rampage through London .

We Said: “The Mummy is always in a tug of war with itself to tell a straight-forward self contained adventure story while also setting up the Dark Universe building blocks. And this does cause some of the character work to suffer […] This isn't the bleak, grim thriller that most modern reboots tend to shoot for (Lookin' at you, Warner Bros.); it's got a sense of humor about it.” Rating: 4 out of 5

Captain Underpants is a whimsical new animated adaptation of Dav Pilkey’s beloved children’s book series. Following two overly imaginative prankster besties (Kevin Hart and Thomas Middletich), the movie tells the story of how they accidentally turn their mean old principal Mr. Krupp (Ed Helms) into the real-life version of Captain Underpants, an original superhero the two friends made up. As the dimwitted “superhero” takes to the streets, the kids chase after him to make sure he stays out of trouble.

We Said: “The movie is very well paced and not slow moving at all. It gets you through each point and has you care about each of the main characters.” Rating: 4 out of 5

Set in the fallout of an ambiguous apocalyptic event, writer/director Trey Edward Shults’ It Comes at Night continues the recent hot streak of critically acclaimed indie horror films released in the past couple years. Joel Edgerton stars as a father, struggling to keep his family safe from the dangers of the outside world. When another family suddenly comes into their lives, an uneasy alliance is formed, allowing the two groups to share the space together and try to survive. Little do they know, the true danger and darkness has been inside with them the whole time.

 We Said: “The claustrophobia that Schults and his cast are able to project is palpable, ratcheting up to thrilling seat-of-your-pants conclusion that is surprising even though we knew it was inevitable. There's a missed opportunity for It Comes at Night to be truly great, and to do something different with the genre, but the journey is too empty to leave a satisfying impression..” Rating: 3 out of 5