Phil Lord & Chris Miller To Direct 'Artemis' From 'The Martian' Author

The bloom is a little bit off the rose on directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller. After a string of much-beloved hits as varied as 21 Jump Street to The Lego Movie, things didn't turn out so well with the Han Solo spinoff. The duo were canned well into production because they couldn't get along with Lucasfilm, which is crazy when you think about it. When you can't mesh with Star Wars, what does that even mean? Anyway, it's probably best to just move on, and that's exactly what they're doing.

THR reports Lord and Miller will direct Artemis,  based on the new book by The Martian writer Andy Weir. The story sounds a little Han Solo-ish, too, following Jazz, a young female smuggler on the first city ever established on the moon, who uncovers a conspiracy for control of her hometown.

Sounds awesome, and if it gets Lord and Miller back on the horse then that's all good.