Paul Bettany Joins Han Solo Spinoff In Michael K. Williams' Former Role

It was disappointing to learn that Michael K. Williams, always a great presence in everything, had been cut from the Han Solo movie during reshoots. At the time we were told it was due to scheduling, as he was busy with Hap & Leonard, not to mention his commitments to spy flick The Red Sea Diving Resort. But it turns out that wasn't quite accurate. The character he was to play, a VFX half-human half-animal alien, has simply been recast with Paul Bettany taking over.

The story was first posted by Slashfilm then confirmed by Deadline, although the latter was slightly off in their reporting. Bettany will indeed be taking over the character, but it will now be a human rather than a motion-capture alien.  The move makes sense. Howard and Bettany are very familiar with one another having worked on The Da Vinci Code and A Beautiful Mind together. And when you're this pressed to get a film back on track, familiarity helps. 

I'll be honest, I kinda wish they had kept him an alien. But Howard is probably more comfortable this way and after all of the VFX and makeup work Bettany has had to do as Vision in the Avengers movies he's probably eager to keep things simple.

The Han Solo movie opens May 25th 2018.