Patty Jenkins Is Officially Back To Direct 'Wonder Woman 2'

It took Warner Bros. a little while longer than expected, but they have finally struck a deal with Patty Jenkins to direct Wonder Woman 2. This has been in the works for a while, as the sequel was green lit long before Wonder Woman's record-breaking $800M box office. The news was confirmed by Variety, who note that star Gal Gadot is also signed to return.

If prior reports are true, Jenkins has just become the highest-paid female director in Hollywood history, surpassing others like Kathryn Bigelow and Ava Duvernay. It's hard to argue with her credentials, since Wonder Woman earned the higest box office for a woman director, and is easily the most successful DCU film, besting Man of Steel, Suicide Squad, and Batman v Superman. More importantly, audiences genuinely loved it and are eager to see where the cinematic universe goes next with Justice League.

Jenkins has been doing her part to flesh out the sequel's story with Geoff Johns, so she was invested in the character even without a return deal. Now let's hope this leads to Jenkins, and other female directors, getting the due they've long deserved and perhaps more opportunities to direct superhero movies.

Wonder Woman 2 opens December 13th 2019.