No, Marvel's 'Inhumans' Hasn't Been Axed Already

I'm not going to waste a lot of time on this because it's just too stupid. No, Marvel's Inhumans, which looks awful and had a bad IMAX run a couple weeks ago, has not already been canceled by ABC. Why would anybody think such a thing?

A poster promoting the September 29th TV premiere is the culprit, because one specific part of is says "Complete Series." That has led some to think the show has been canned, and that this first season will be the only season. The thing is, previous promo images have also referred to it as a "complete series", using much the same artwork. It most likely refers to the fact that a truncated version of the first two episodes debuted in IMAX, and now the complete season will begin airing on network TV.

That said, do I expect an Inhumans season two? Hell no. Unless people tune in to watch because they're curious if it's a trainwreck, I doubt the ratings will be very good. The negative stigma is attached and dug in like an Alabama tick, and yep I said that in my Jesse Ventura voice.