Marvel May Have Family-Friendly 'Power Pack' Movie In The Works

I've been reading X-Men comics for most of my life, but the very first issue I ever bought? Issue #195, released in 1985 and featuring Power Pack on the cover. It was that image of Wolverine, cigar in his mouth and claws aimed squarely at the youngest Power Pack member, that caught my eye. So I have a soft spot for the Power kids, and I hope this new rumor proves to be true even the source is flaky.

That Hashtag Show says Marvel has plans for a Power Pack movie that would be similar to Spy Kids. This family-friendly project would have the involvement of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 exec-producer Jonathan Schwartz, but nothing else is known at this point.

Power Pack has been around since 1984 and follows the adventures of siblings Julie, Alex, Katie, and Jack Power. They gained their powers, which include manipulation of gravity, density, energy, speed, light, etc., from a dying alien who had arrived to stop their scientist father from building the very same weapon that destroyed his planet.

If this is true it would be some time during phase four, so we may not hear more until after Avengers: Infinity War. This would be the fulfillment of Marvel's plans for a smaller-scale movies, which included Power Pack, that were set in motion a few years ago.