Teddy Roosevelt Biopic To Reunite Leonardo DiCaprio & Martin Scorsese

The next time Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese team up, let's be honest, it's probably not going to be on a Joker movie. More likely it will be on one of the many projects they've been circling for years, and Deadline has news on what that may be. The site reports their biopic on 26th President of the United States Theodore Roosevelt is back on at Paramount.

The project, simply titled Roosevelt, has been rumored for a few years, but it first popped up at Paramount way back in 2005. Scorsese would direct with DiCaprio starring as Roosevelt, who overcame a sickly childhood to become our youngest and one of the most active Presidents we ever had. His face is on Mount Rushmore for a reason. DiCaprio's interest stems from Roosevelt's conservation efforts, establishing the United States Forest Service, five National Parks, and more.

The script will be written by longtime DiCaprio confidante, Scott Bloom, who has never written much of anything. So if there is reason for concern, it's right there. Here's hoping this becomes DiCaprio and Scorsese's sixth collaboration, and not one of the many projects that were left unfulfilled. It feels like we haven't seen DiCaprio in anything for a while, and that's because we haven't. Not since he won the Oscar for The Revenant, having earned himself a little bit of a break.