Leonardo DiCaprio Eyed For Joker Movie That Jared Leto's Unhappy About

Warner Bros. is up to sumthin, and they aren't even being that sneaky about it. Last week we learned that Martin Scorsese was in line to produce a Joker origin movie that Todd Phillips would direct. It turns out, according to THR, that his deal isn't quite in place yet so that was a bit premature. But they also note that the reason they want him so badly is because it may entice a certain actor to sign on.

You know who the actor is, of course. It's Scorsese's frequent collaborator Leonardo DiCaprio, who Warner Bros. wants to play Joker. It's the stuff of fanmade dreams coming true! Maybe.  I think it's doubtful DiCaprio agrees to this, no matter who is directing. Even if this gives him a chance to put his own spin on the character outside of Jared Leto's version because, remember, this film will be outside of DCEU continuity. In fact, the trade says the story will put Joker as a crime boss in a gritty Scorsese-esque Gotham underworld, which is a far cry from the "bullied schoolkid" rumor from yesterday.

Meanwhile, the entire plan hasn't exactly been met with applause by Leto, who doesn't want any other Jokers out there other than his from Suicide Squad. Of course, he'll still stick around to play the character in the Harley Quinn and Joker spinoff, but Warner Bros. wants them to know he's really unhappy about seeing the character spread thin.

He's not wrong, at least not in my opinion. The decision to start an entire line of standalone movies with different actors and different versions of popular characters is a curious one, that I think will serve to water down the brand and alienate audiences. It's a way of separating Warner Bros. from Marvel's approach, but is that really worth it? There's already confusion out there over Ben Affleck who won't be starring in Matt Reeves' The Batman, which may or may not be in-continuity, despite his playing the character in this November's Justice League.

That this much discussion needs to be had is entirely the problem. You don't ever see this kind of thing out of Marvel Studios. They keep it simple to understand, and thus easy to buy a ticket for. You think DiCaprio doesn't see that, too?