Kiefer Sutherland Is Back In New 'Flatliners' TV Spot

While it's often promoted as a remake or reboot, Flatliners is actually a soft sequel to the original 1990 film. We know that because there's one character that is making a comeback, and it's an important one. Kiefer Sutherland returns as Dr. Nelson Wright, one of the medical students who came up with the bright idea of stopping their own hearts to explore the afterlife. And now the latest TV spot finally gives us a look at Sutherland reprising his old role.

Sutherland has no dialogue in the clip, but you can bet he'll have something crucial to impart to Ellen Page, Kiersey Clemons, James Norton, Diego Luna, and Nina Dobrev, whose characters are also courting death.  How has he managed to survive all of these years and what has happened to his former friends and colleagues?

Directed by Niels Arden Oplev, Flatliners opens September 29th.