'John Wick: Chapter 3' Targets Summer 2019 Release Date

No longer a sleeper hit that caught everyone by surprise, John Wick is now a mega action-hit with a ton of expectations from fans. Those expectations will be amplified now as Lionsgate has set John Wick: Chapter 3 with a big time summer release date of May 17th 2019.

The first John Wick scored $88M worldwide, with its sequel more than doubling that amount. With the third film netting such a plum summer date you can bet Lionsgate is expecting to see similar growth. That said, there aren't a ton of details yet. Director Chad Stahelski has been talking up ideas for the film, which looks to expand on John Wick's colorful world of hired killers, but he isn't a lock to return yet. Of course Keanu Reeves will be back, but will this be the end of John Wick's story? There was talk of a female-led spinoff titled Ballerina set in the same universe, so maybe the baton could be handed off to a new star?

Doubtful, but you never know. If the film is a hit you can probably expect John Wick to continue as long as Reeves is willing to do it. I wouldn't be surprised, given his experience on the excellent Man of Tai Chi, if Reeves decides to direct one himself.