John Cena And Kumail Nanjiani Are Making A Buddy Cop Comedy

Okay okay, if you're still pissed that John Cena got his ass handed to him, and was pretty much run out of the WWE, by Roman Reigns at Sunday's PPV, take solace in the reason for his latest sabbatical. The Tracking Board has confirmed that Cena will star alongside The Big Sick's Kumail Nanjiani in an untitled buddy cop comedy for Universal, to be directed by Zombieland's Ruben Fleischer. Yo.

While there aren't any plot details, the talent is encouraging. Fleischer cooked up the project with David Bernad and Murray Miller. Miller was the writer of HBO's hilarious Tour de Pharmacy which Cena co-starred in, and will pen the script for this, too. Cena's hittin' on all cylinders right now...well, everywhere but in the squared circle. His acting career has taken off like a rocket and this is only going to help. He'll be seen next in Daddy's Home 2 in a much larger role. Nanjiani is coming off of The Big Sick, one of the best reviewed movies of the year and a sleeper hit for the summer.

The buddy cop comedy could use an overhaul, and I see potential in this far greater than what Kevin Hart and Ice Cube brought to the Ride Along movies. And you just know Nanjiani is going to be a guest host on Raw the week of release, because crossing over with movies always goes well in live wrestling.