James Cameron & McG Have A 'True Lies' TV Series In The Works

When we think of collaborations between James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger, The Terminator is obviously right at the forefront of our minds. However, it could be argued that 1994's True Lies is just as popular, which is why I'm shocked there hasn't been a sequel or remake after all of this time. Well, we're getting something like that now, but it will be on the small screen.

James Cameron and McG are teaming up on a True Lies TV series that will follow the same premise of a family man whose long-held secret, that he is actually a spy, has been discovered by his wife and daughter who end up involved in a deadly mission. Jamie Lee Curtis (busy weekend for her) and Eliza Dushku played Schwarzenegger's wife and daughter in the original movie.

This could be a lot of fun, but that McG factor is worrying. McG, who helped lay waste to Cameron's Terminator franchise with Terminator Salvation, will exec-produce and direct the pilot from Marc Guggenheim's (Arrow) script. You won't see any of the original cast or anything, although I think it would have been a great idea to have Dushku play the grown-up daughter who finds herself in a similar situation.

We'll see how this goes. Cameron's last attempt to adapt one of his successful movies into a TV series was Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles back in 2008, which lasted only two seasons. True Lies has a put-pilot deal in place so we're going to see the first episode for sure. [THR]