Jackie Chan & Pierce Brosnan Face Off In New Trailer For 'The Foreigner'

Every time there's a new promo for action flick The Foreigner I can't help but think how huge it would've been if it came out twenty years ago. Pierce Brosnan would have still been James Bond, and Jackie Chan was at the height of his international popularity following Rumble in the Bronx and the Rush Hour movies. Maybe they can tap into some of that old magic because we could use a break from the stuff prestige flicks this season.

Directed by Martin Campbell (Casino Royale), the film stars Chan as a Chinese ex-pat in London whose daughter is killed by Irish terrorists. Think he goes off seeking revenge? You betcha, but he also discovers a conspiracy that leads right to the top of British government.

The Foreigner hits theaters here on October 13th, but you can bet it'll make a gazillion dollars in China where Chan is as big a superstar as ever.