'Gotti' Trailer: Finally, John Travolta As The Infamous Mob Boss

Bah gawd this Gotti movie has taken forever! We've been waiting to see John Travolta as mob boss John Gotti since 2011 when he first became attached. Various iterations came and went since then but it was Kevin Connolly....yeah, E from Entourage, who finally roped everything together for his third trip behind the camera. And y'know, the trailer looks like the kind of movie E would quietly try to steer his buddy Vince away from starring in, only to have Vince star in it anyway. Those guys were so perfect together.

Oh yeah, Gotti! The film stars Travolta as the infamously well-dressed (He was called "Dapper Don" for a reason) Gambino crime family boss, with Kelly Preston as his wife, Victoria.  Remember when Joe Pesci was paid a whopping sum to play high-ranking mobster Angelo Ruggiero? Yeah, that would've been something, right? Well, that role was eventually filled, for a much cheaper asking price, by Pruitt Taylor Vince. I daresay the whole legal thing with Pesci is where the corner turned on this project looking like a potential awards contender to the novelty act it appears to be now. Al Pacino was on board at one point, too. This is why it's fun to track these movies from start to finish. They never end how they begin.

But who knows? Maybe it'll be good? It does boast a script by Lem Dobbs, who wrote the killer screenplay for The Limey. So let's hold out hope that Gotti doesn't sleep with the fishes when it opens on December 15th.