Gal Gadot May Join Bradley Cooper In Sci-Fi Film 'Deeper'

While still glowing in the box office and critical success of Wonder Woman, which has a sequel green lit and ready to go, Gal Gadot is finding time to fit in other projects not involved with the DCEU. Fortunately, this next one isn't a sequel to Keeping Up with the Joneses. Deadline reports that she is in talks to join Bradley Cooper in Max Landis' sci-fi film, Deeper.

Penned by Landis with Kornel Mundruczo (White God) directing, the film has been previously described as "Birdman + The Shining + Locke + 2001 + The Descent + Miyazaki", which sounds like a typically bombastic Landis-type thing to say. The story follows former astronaut Eddie Breen, who experiences mysterious forces while exploring a newly-discovered oceanic trench that may be the deepest point on the planet. There he encounters mysterious forces both psychological and physical.

Next up for Gadot is Justice League on November 17th, and Wonder Woman 2 follows in December 2019.