Fox CEO Talks Recasting Wolverine And Oscar Hopes For 'Logan'

Now that Hugh Jackman has finally sheathed his Wolverine claws for the final time, the question 20th Century Fox hasn't had to think about begs to be answered. How do you go about rebooting such a popular character? Because we all know that Logan won't be the final time we see the character on screen.

In a Variety piece, Fox CEO Stacey Snider was asked point blank whether there were plans to have someone else play Wolverine. The answer? "Anything's possible."

Of course there are plans! But now wouldn't be the smart time to reveal them. Right now Fox is likely focused on the awards campaign they've launched for Logan, which includes them already sending out screeners to Academy voters. As for that campaign and the film's chances of winning, Snider is confident, adding “The way it combines classic storytelling with superhero lore is brilliant."

Can't argue there. But with Wonder Woman also vying for Oscars gold we may see the comic book movies warring with one another. Not the Wolverine vs. Wonder Woman story fanboys were hoping for, I'm sure.