First Look At New 'Halloween' Brings Jamie Lee Curtis Back As Laurie Strode

Horror remakes and reboots come and go, with new names coming aboard on both sides of the camera. In the case of the latest take on Halloween, the biggest names to join are director David Gordon-Green and co-writer Danny McBride. But there will be at least one familiar face returning to the horror classic, Jamie Lee Curtis, and we have the first look at her alongside her killer foe.

Curtis is back as Laurie Strode, with the ultimate slasher Michael Myers lurking in the background.  The film picks up after Halloween II, making this a sequel not a remake or reboot. I guess this means Strode's appearances in other sequels will be disregarded; the same with Rob Zombie's reboots.

The project has the full blessing of John Carpenter who will produce and possibly assist on the score, so it's like the best of both worlds.  Green's Halloween opens next year on October 19th.