Finally, Terry Moore's 'Strangers In Paradise' Comic Is Becoming A Movie

One of the defining independent, alternative comics ever is headed to the big screen, and nope, there isn't a superhero in sight unless you mean writer/creator Terry Moore. Moore will join with writer/director Angela Robinson (Professor Marston and the Wonder Women) to adapt his seminal romance comic, Strangers in Paradise, as a feature film.

Moore first began publishing Strangers in Paradise in 1993, with the source running through to 2007. The story centered on the love triangle between the beautiful Katchoo, who was in love with her best friend Francine, while another friend named David is in love with Katchoo. The tangled web only got more complicated when Katchoo's past, which includes thousands of dollars in stolen money, begins to catch up with her. The comic was praised throughout its run, winning a GLAAD Award for its depiction of a gay relationship, as well as an Eisner Award.

This is a long time coming, and if done right a Strangers in Paradise movie could become a cult classic similar to the adaptation of Ghost World. The casting on this is going to be critical and I can't wait to see who come up as possibilities.