‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Mid-Season Premiere Recap: “Minotaur and Diviner”

After a two month hiatus, Fear The Walking Dead returns for the second half of the third season.  In the last episode(s), the citizens of the Broke Jaw Ranch and the Black Hat Reservation finally had their confrontation over who was going to live on the ranch.  Hopelessly outnumbered, Jeremiah remained defiant and was willing to sacrifice all in his group for his pride.  Madison was having none of that and decided that he had to go in order to secure the peace.  Before she could pull the trigger, her son Nick took it upon himself to do it instead.  With Jeremiah “committing suicide,” the Black Hat and Broke Jaw communities secured a place for them to live together on the ranch.  But can the peace really survive?

As the episode begins, we immediately see just how hard maintaining the peace truly is.  The Broke Jaw people now have to share not only their land, but also their resources with the people who have killed some of them.  The Black Hat people are also not completely on board with the idea of sharing with them as well.  They know they can easily kill them and take the land by force, but Walker wants bygones to be bygones.  However, that peace is really tried in tonight’s double feature episode.

To start, one of the Broke Jaw people drunkenly tries to shoot a Black Hat person, raising the tension up a level.  In order to reduce the tensions, Madison convinces Jake to hand over complete control of the weapons cache to Walker (he and Walker began the partnership sharing the weapons) in order to keep the peace.  This creates a crackdown on all weapons as Walker’s people are going door to door confiscating firearms.  That leads them to go to Troy’s house to get his guns and all hell breaks loose.

Troy, the hothead first introduced killing people as a “science experiment” is too far gone to go along quietly and initiates a shootout with the Black Hat people.  As the firefight commences, Nick joins with Troy for the purpose of trying to talk him off the ledge before everything gets too out of control.  Of course, the Black Hat people think that Nick’s his accomplice and start shooting at him as well.  Even as the firefight is going on, Nick tries to get Troy to back down.  He finally has to tell him the cold hard truth.  Not only did he tell him that his father was going to let everyone at Broke Jaw die for pride, but he also tells Troy that he killed his father and it wasn’t really suicide.  Hearing the truth, Troy is broken down and finally surrenders.

Rather than more bloodshed, Walker and Madison decide that Troy has to be banished from Broke Jaw.  Believing that Nick was with Troy, Walker also places him in solitary confinement in a sweat box as punishment.  Madison accepts this, knowing that it will keep her son alive.  While in the sweatbox, Nick goes through some strong hallucinations, but he ultimately is fine when let out.  Troy on the other hand, not so good.  Given a pack or rations and gun with a single bullet (to kill himself with), Troy is banished.  Knowing the truth, he requires Madison to escort him out (along with a Black Hat guard).  After saying good bye to his brother, they leave the ranch.  Troy manages to subdue the soldier and then has a face off with Madison.  While they fight each other and exchange harsh words as well, she lets him leave in peace.  It’s only a matter of time before he returns with some more “like-minded” people and he’ll continue his crusade against Walker.

Meanwhile, Daniel Salazar is working with Lola and Efrain at the dam.  Unlike the previous ruler of the dam, the three of them are not so ruthless with the water and are sharing it with the local community.  The big problem though, is that there’s a lot of people who need the water, and desperate people do desperate things.  After a water riot, they have to retreat back to the dam and horde the water.

Speaking of Water, Broke Jaw has a water problem as well.  They only have six weeks worth of water for their supply, and now they have two communities that need to share that most precious resource.  Walker and Madison decide that this is a secret that needs to stay so as the idea of running out of water will cause the fragile communities to become even more chaotic.  Walker and Madison decide they need to search out for more water.  Of course, Madison tells her daughter, who we all know will not keep her mouth shut, so when they return, they’ll have an even bigger problem for the fractured group.

Nick has become a folk hero among the militia.  Even though most of them are dead (thanks, Ofelia), they want to regroup and find a way to take on the Black Hat people.  They opt Nick to replace Troy as their leader.  Nick, of course, has to keep a facade up as he killed Jerimiah and helped get Troy banished.  At the same time, he does have the leadership capabilities and fits right into the position.  After Alicia tells the community about the water issue (after everyone is already fighting over it), he stands up to Crazy Dog over the Black Hat people taking over the water supply.

Madison and Walker find a trading post in the hopes of finding a large water supply.  The place is at a former sports stadium, not serving as a marketplace where anyone can buy anything, black market style.  They manage to find someone willing to trade water but then she runs into Victor Strand, who is getting ruffed up by the people running the black market.  The business person calls their deal off as Victor has a debt with Proctor John, the person who runs things.  After beating up the authorities and escaping to a hideout with Strand, the two are reunited.  Of course, Strand and Walker do not like each other already.  Walker, still trying to secretly make the water deal is caught by Proctor John’s men and gives up Strand.  As punishment, Strand is forced to remain outside the Bazarr as the “first line of defense” against any approaching zombies.  His only weapon is a small hammer that he uses to bash any zombies that approach.  As he is facing off against them and hopelessly outnumbered, he is saved by gunshots taking the zombies out.  Madison made a deal with Proctor John to pay off Strand’s debts, to Walker’s irritation.  However, Madison was already thinking long term.  The water they would have gotten wouldn’t have lasted long, and Victor told her about Salazar’s dam.  It looks like she will soon reunite with Salazar as well soon enough.

Nick, now leading the militia comes up with the idea of taking them down with knives and spears in order to try and gain possession of the guns.  As they are getting ready to strike against where the Black Hat people are squatting, they are also waiting knowing well enough that they will try something like this.  Lucky for everyone, Alicia is still trying to maintain the peace.  She is with a small group of Black Hat people who are trying to dig their own makeshift well.  Nick sees that his sister is trying to avoid further bloodshed and he goes to help her dig as well.  Crazy Dog and Ofelia see the same thing happening and they opt to come and also help dig.  The groups’ cease-fire remains, but for how long?