'Father Figures' Trailer: Ed Helms & Owens Wilson Need A Dad In Their Lives

Remember that really terrible crime comedy Masterminds that Owen Wilson was in last year? Something about his latest film, Father Figures, tells me this will be just as forgettable. Maybe it's that they both had trouble settling on a title (Father Figures was originally titled Bastards, can't see why they changed it!). Maybe it's the trouble Warner Bros. has had figuring out a suitable release date. It was originally supposed to open back in January before it got pulled from the schedule altogether.

Maybe it's that it also doesn't look very funny.

Wilson stars alongside Ed Helms as siblings who learn their father had not died like their mother told them, and set off on a road trip to find him. Ugh. The surrounding cast could be fun, though, with Glenn Close as their mom, and J.K. Simmons, Bill Irwin, Terry Bradshaw, and Harry Shearer as potential daddies. Katie Aselton, Ving Rhames, June Squibb, and Katt Williams co-star, as well. Maybe they'll help elevate this further than the trailer suggests. I'm sure some multiplex will offer a Daddy's Home 2/Father Figures double-feature.

Directed by Lawrence Sher, Father Figures opens December 22nd.