Death Follows Ellen Page In New Trailer For 'Flatliners'

By God another trailer for Flatliners? Sony is pushing the thriller hard, perhaps in hopes of rebuilding a brand they've been holding on to since the 1990 film brought together Julia Roberts, Kiefer Sutherland, and Kevin Bacon. Often labeled a reboot or remake, the return of Sutherland as Dr. Nelson Wright makes this a full-on sequel, which at least means there's some chance of a Bacon sighting if they make more.

The updated version is directed by Niels Arden Oplev (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) and features a mini-Brat Pack with Ellen Page, Diego Luna, Nina Dobrev, Kiersey Clemons, James Norton, and Charlotte McKinney. They play med students who experiment on themselves by undergoing near-death experiences. Turns out, killing yourself and being revived is an incredibly stupid idea no matter what the year is.

This latest trailer focuses more on the film's sexy eroticism than the supernatural/horror aspects, and that might be a smart strategy given the good-looking cast.

Flatliners hits theaters on September 29th.