'Creep 2' Trailer: Mark Duplass Is Back And Acting Weird Again

We've come to trust Mark Duplass as a nice guy in a variety of indie movies and TV shows....well, he was kind of a dick on The League, but in general he plays characters who are likable and easy to trust.  Unless you saw the 2014 found footage horror, Creep, then you'll probably never be able to see Duplass as anything other than the odd killer at its center. Duplass not only starred in the film but he produced and co-wrote it with director and co-star Patrick Brice, with the hope of making it a trilogy. Well here comes the second chapter with the release of the Creep 2 trailer, and it'll make you never check out online personals again.

Duplass is back and this time his character is going under the name Aaron, which fans of the first movie will know has a pretty significant meaning. Appropriate Behavior star Desiree Akhavan comes aboard as a video artist who creates intimacy with lonely men by answering their online ads. That's how she comes across the Craigslist ad belonging to Aaron, who is now openly claiming to be a serial killer. And yet she sticks around anyway because...well, let's be honest nothing I say here is going to be logical. We'll just have to run with it. Once again Duplass co-wrote the script with Brice, who is also directing.

Creep 2 will get a VOD release on October 24th. Definitely check out Creep first, though. You can read our review of it here.