Casey Affleck To Star In Joe Wright's 'Stoner' Adaptation

After the miserable failure that was Pan, Joe Wright appears to be on the comeback trail. His Winston Churchill film, Darkest Hour, may be a major player this awards season if the chips fall as expected. And now the director who is known for his acclaimed adaptations is set to adapt another of the great novels, John Williams' 1965 classic, Stoner, with Casey Affleck in the title role.

The Manchester by the Sea star is set to lead Stoner, which isn't based on the story of Cheech & Chong, I swear. The book follows William Stoner, a poor farmer born at the end of the 19th-century as he leaves his small-town upbringing and goes off to become an academic. Here's the synopsis:

William Stoner is born at the end of the nineteenth century into a dirt-poor Missouri farming family. Sent to the state university to study agronomy, he instead falls in love with English literature and embraces a scholar’s life, so different from the hardscrabble existence he has known. And yet as the years pass, Stoner encounters a succession of disappointments: marriage into a “proper” family estranges him from his parents; his career is stymied; his wife and daughter turn coldly away from him; a transforming experience of new love ends under threat of scandal. Driven ever deeper within himself, Stoner rediscovers the stoic silence of his forebears and confronts an essential solitude.

The book is a total downer if you've ever read it, but it is also a brilliant piece of work that speaks to the personal investment we put into our careers, our passions, and our families. Affleck won his first Oscar playing another sad character and he may be up for another one if this film goes off without a hitch.