Box Office: Kingsman Hits Hard, Ninjago and Friend Request Come Up Short

1. Kingsman: The Golden Circle(review)- $39M
The follow up to the surprise comic book hit from Matthew Vaughn lands the #1 spot with a respectable $39 million. Having only seen it once it's hard to compare to the original, as the first Kingsman became one of those rare movies that you can't turn off once it hits cable. That being said, especially given the competition, this 1st place finish is well deserved!
2. IT- $30M/$266.3M
Showing some surprising staying power IT holds onto the number 2 spot. Given that we are just now getting close to October and there are plenty of Halloween inspired date weekends to come I wouldn't be surprised to see Pennywise hang around the top 10 for another few weeks at least.
3. The LEGO Ninjago Movie- $21.2M
The first deep cuts film of the newly minted LEGO cinematic universe shows us that just because it's marked LEGO, doesn't mean it's marked #1. Ninjago is a very popular sub-genre of the ultra-popular building block company, however these numbers show that you need either a second big brand name, The LEGO Batman Movie, or the kind of big time ultra mash-up marketing bonanza that accompanied the original The LEGO Movie. Budget numbers are currently unreleased on this one but I would imagine they run parellel to that of a traditionally animated movie, so $21M isn't going to cut it. Unless this cleans up overseas and gets some long legs on video I'm going to imagine that LEGO is going to stick to the wide appeal sections.
4. American Assassin- $6.2M/$26.1M
This makes me sad. That is all.
5. Home Again- $3.3M/$23.3M
6. mother!- $2.6M/$13.4M
7. Friend Request- $2.4M
The first indie horror film of the season fell flat but don't feel too bad. These flicks are always cheap, with this one coming in just under $10 million, it'll make it's money back by the time Halloween gets here but not much more.
8. The Hitman's Bodyguard- $1.8M/$73.5M
9. Stronger- $1.7M
The week's final new top 10 release, starring Jake Gyllenhall opens low but given it's limited release of only 546 screens it didn't do too bad pulling in almost $3K per theater.
10. Wind River- $1.2M/$31.6M