Badass First Look At David Harbour As 'Hellboy'

The decision to reboot Hellboy after two fan-favorite Guillermo Del Toro/Ron Perlman movies didn't exactly go off without a hitch. Fans were largely upset at Neil Marshall's hiring, and weren't sure about Stranger Things star and workman-like character actor David Harbour's ascension to the role. But that has slowly changed, largely due to Harbour being a big ol' geek about this. And now today we're getting our first look at him as the red-skinned, brick-handed demon hero.

Yeah, he looks pretty badass.

They've done a good job of mirroring what Del Toro and Co. had done, while adding a few touches here and there. The shaved horns are definitely larger, and it appears this version of Hellboy is more of a power lifter. Overall, it looks great and exactly what Hellboy should look like in Marshall's R-rated horror adaptation of Mike Mignola's comic.

Also set to star Ian McShane, Milla Jojovich, Daniel Dae Kim (who recently replaced Ed Skrein), Sasha Lane, and Penelope Mitchell, Hellboy opens January 11th 2019.