Vin Diesel Is Reviving 'Miami Vice' For The Small Screen

Crockett and Tubbs are back on the case! Miami Vice was one of those shows that helped define the '80s. Bright colors, cool shades, hot babes, the surf; Michael Mann's series helped give a stylish sheen to the cop procedurals that had been on the TV airwaves for years. And now it looks like NBC is ready to try and recapture that magic, only now with the star power of Vin Diesel behind it.

Diesel and Fast and Furious franchise writer Chris Morgan are teaming up to produce a new Miami Vice TV series, which Diesel personally took to NBC for consideration. Yeah, that's how much he's diggn' on this idea. Unfortunately, he won't be starring in it, but if the series is picked up he'll likely have an exec-producer credit. Peter McManus, who wrote USA's underrated but short-lived Satisfaction, will be writing the scripts "based on the original series", whatever that means.

Mann brought Miami Vice back for a star-powered action flick in 2006, starring Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx. It did modest business and there was briefly talk of a sequel, but that never happened and this is probably the best shot to see the property revived.

Don't be surprised if this looks more like Fast & Furious than any episode of Miami Vice you've ever seen. Let's hope they change some other things, like maybe making switching up the duo's dynamic? Maybe Tyrese and Ludacris can star? I'd watch that.  [Variety]