Tony Gilroy Eyes Ex-Tom Cruise Biblical Thriller, 'Methuselah'

Why any studio would want to throw scads of money at a Methuselah movie is beyond me, but Warner Bros. has been eager to bring the Biblical figure to life on the silver screen. They've been developing this project for years, first with The Woman in Black's James Watkins directing before he dropped out, then with Tom Cruise starring for Kon-Tiki co-director Joachim Ronning. Neither happened, but the project is proving as long-lived as Methuselah himself.

Tony Gilroy, who last did some uncredited work to save Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, is looking to have people recognize his contributions again. He's been hired to write and potentially direct the movie which centers on Methuselah, the grandfather of Noah (the Ark dude) and a man who is said to have lived for nearly 1000 years. So he's a vampire? Ya'll didn't tell me the Bible had vampires; I might've given it a quick read then.

The character was recently played by Anthony Hopkins in Darren Aronofsky's Noah, but this film has long been described as a thriller so Gilroy's Methuselah will probably have a lot more to do. Since they wanted Cruise for the role before I'm guessing he'll jump off of skyscrapers or something? Or whatever the Biblical equivalent of skyrscrapers are? Pyramids? [Deadline]