The Russo Brothers Begin Shooting 'Avengers 4'; Set 'Exit West' With Morten Tyldum

Yesterday turned out to be a pretty sweet day for Joe and Anthony Russo. Not only did they begin filming on Avengers 4, revealing it through a mysterious Instagram post, but their new production banner also struck a deal to produce an adaptation of Mohsin Hamid's bestseller, Exit West, for Morten Tyldum (The Imitation Game, Passengers) to direct.

It's all part of a first look deal the Russos' production label has struck with Tyldum. Hamid's book is similar to one of his previous works, The Reluctant Fundamentalist, which was also adapted into a feature film. Here's how Deadline breaks the story down: In an unidentified country, young Saeed and burqa-wearing Nadia flee their home after Saeed’s mother is killed by a stray bullet and their city turns increasingly dangerous due to worsening violent clashes between the government and guerrillas. The couple joins other migrants traveling to safer havens via carefully guarded doors. Through one door, they wind up in a crowded camp on the Greek Island of Mykonos. Through another, they secure a private room in an abandoned London mansion populated mostly by displaced Nigerians. A third door takes them to California’s Marin County. In each location, their relationship is by turns strengthened and tested by their struggle to find food, adequate shelter and a sense of belonging among emigrant communities."

And as for Avengers 4, here's the ominous post featuring a glove that could belong to Captain America, or possibly someone else. Maybe Hawkeye? Maybe Thanos minus his gauntlet? This is taking off after only a couple of weeks break from wrapping up Avengers: Infinity War, so no rest for the undoubtedly weary.

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