'The Defenders' Fight Together In One Final Trailer For Netflix's Marvel Series

I'm still not quite sure why Marvel always does this with their Netflix shows, but mere hours before The Defenders is to debut they've dropped one more trailer. I mean, they just had one a couple of days ago, right? And it's not like we don't already know...eh, what's the point in wondering?

All of the various storylines with the ninja crew known as The Hand converge as Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and White Boy Roy, er...Iron Fist come together as a team. Of course, it won't be quite as simple as that because the guy who has impenetrable skin will find it hard to believe in a guy with a fist as strong as iron, or a blind man who can see. When you think of it like that the whole thing is totally ridic, but there should be some fun in watching them beat up ninjas across New York. I've seen half of the series already and will have a review of the whole thing this weekend.

The Defenders premieres tomorrow, August 18th, probably at 3am EST like most of Netflix's shows.