Tension Mounts For Matt Damon In New Trailer For 'Suburbicon'

Not that Suburbicon didn't already look like a Coen Brothers movie, but with this new U.K. trailer it really has the brothers' stamp all over it. George Clooney ducks behind the camera to direct a film that's full of murder, intrigue, greed, and humor that exposes dark corners of the human psyche in a seemingly-idyllic suburban setting.

The film is set in the 1950s, that time when the facade of the perfect nuclear family household often hid dark secrets; think Todd Haynes' Far from Heaven which coincidentally starred Suburbicon's Julianne Moore. Matt Damon plays Gardner Lodge, whose ideal life is upended by a home invasion. Whether Gardner, or Aunt Margaret (Moore) are complicit in the crime is unclear, but in this footage they certainly look like people with something to hide. We also get a better look at Oscar Isaac's character, an insurance claims adjuster who senses some "hanky panky" going on, and Noah Jupe as Damon's son Nicky, whose future is looking pretty "bleak".

Sadly, nothing from Josh Brolin's character since it was recently confirmed that his part in the film had been completely cut. Clooney told EW...

“We shot a couple of scenes with Josh [playing] a baseball coach that are really really funny. But after we did our first screening, the one thing that became really clear to me was that [the scenes] let the air out of the balloon, in terms of the tension in the film. I had to write him this awful note where I just said, ‘You’re not going to believe it. but these scenes really don’t work any more.’ He felt bad, and he thought maybe something went wrong, and I said, ‘I’m sending you the scenes, so you can see, they’re actually the two funniest scenes in the movie.’ I remember sitting there with the editor going, ‘F——-ck! I can’t believe this!’”

Suburbicon should be a major player this awards season when it opens November 3rd.