St. Vincent To Direct Gender-Flipped 'The Picture Of Dorian Gray'

I have no idea who St. Vincent is, but apparently she won a Grammy for something? Good for her. I'm more interested in what she's doing cinematically, and the singer/songwriter, who recently directed a segment in the female-centric horror anthology, XX, is ready to make her feature debut behind the camera.

St. Vincent, real name Annie Clark, will direct The Picture of Dorian Gray, and of course it comes with a twist. This version of Oscar Wilde's classic story will feature a female protagonist who seeks to maintain her youth forever through a magical painted portrait. 

The script will be written by David Birke, and while you may not know his name, he's the guy who wrote Elle, which earned Isabelle Huppert a Golden Globe win and an Oscar nomination. So St. Vincent should have a solid basis to work from, which should give her room to find her voice as a filmmaker.