Ruth Negga Joins Brad Pitt In James Gray's Sci-Fi Film, 'Ad Astra'

Last year we had the chance to see two very different sides to Oscar nominee, Ruth Negga. She was the firebrand Tulip alongside Dominic Cooper in Preacher, and then she quietly won our hearts as civil rights icon, Mildred Loving, in Jeff Nichols' Loving. In short, Negga is an actress who can do pretty much anything and do it well, and that makes her an amazing addition to James Gray's long-awaited sci-fi film, Ad Astra.

Negga joins Brad Pitt and Tommy Lee Jones in the sci-fi story that centers on an autistic space engineer who goes on a one-way trip to Neptune to uncover what happened to his father, who journeyed there to find intelligent life 20 years earlier and never returned.

We don't have details on Negga's role yet, but at least we know she'll feel at home. She previously worked with Pitt on World War Z, and had a role in 12 Years a Slave that got cut out. Filming on Ad Astra begins next month. [THR]