Riz Ahmed's Mystery 'Venom' Character May Show Up In 'Silver And Black'

For some reason, Sony Spider-Man movies have more rumors than anything outside of Star Wars. And it looks like it will be no different with their new cinematic universe, which we know will kick off with Venom, followed by Silver and Black, the latter having just earned a 2019 release date. A few days ago we learned Riz Ahmed was up for a major role in Venom as a "popular" character, which might be Carnage, or it could possibly be the Chameleon. Either way, whoever he's playing may be popping up elsewhere.

Jeff Sneider over at The Tracking Board has heard that Ahmed's character may turn up in Silver and Black, also. That doesn't tell us much about who he'll be, but I guess it takes some of the steam off of the Carnage rumors. It just wouldn't make sense for Carnage to appear there unless Venom was showing up, too. And I'm stuck on the descriptor that Ahmed's character is "popular" within Marvel. Have we stopped to think maybe he's not playing a superhero or supervillain, but a major fixture in the Spidey universe? Probably not J. Jonah Jameson, but somebody else?

Sneider also says that Spidey villains Tarantula and Tombstone may show up, as well. I'll say this; Tarantula also has a shared history with Black Cat, making him more likely to appear in both movies.

At this point, it's all just speculation and I'm betting half of this doesn't come anywhere close to happening. Silver and Black opens February 8th 2019 directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood.