Pop! Obsession: Wonder Woman Saves The Day With A Second Wave Of Funko Figures

Wonder Woman currently sits at $796M worldwide, the 5th highest grossing movie of the year. It's a phenomenal achievement for Warner Bros., director Patty Jenkins, and star Gal Gadot, who you may recall was met with some skepticism when she was named to play Diana Prince. And while all of the accolades heaped upon the film are great, I'm pretty certain their proudest achievement is earning a second wave of Funko Pop! Vinyl figures. Of course, right?

Funko's next wave features Wonder Woman in her cloak, one of her sidekick Etta Candy holding the mystical God Killer sword, another of the greatest Amazonian warrior ever, Antiope, and a special Hot Topic exclusive in which Wonder Woman discovers the world's greatest creation: ice cream. I'm getting all of these, you know that, right?

They'll be available beginning in January, but you can pre-order them now from our friends at Entertainment Earth. All except for the Hot Topic one which you can get from their Funko shop.

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