Pop! Obsession: Funko's 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' Figures Are Here!

Excuse me while I pick myself up off the fainting couch. Tomorrow, actually beginning at midnight tonight, is Force Friday when the Star Wars: The Last Jedi merchandise is officially made available. While I would kill to have my own BB-9E unit to chase the cat around the apartment, let's keep it real. I want new Funkos. And hot damn if there aren't a ton of new Pop! Vinyls to choose from. All of them are cool, some are kinda mysterious, and some of them are really friggin' cute. All must be owned, though.

Unlike everybody else I'm not that into the Porgs, the bird-like creatures from the planet Ahch-To. I have a feeling they're going to get played out real quick, like a certain orange roller droid. However there are multiple Porg figures available in a variety of colors for you to choose from, including a limited edition and a Target exclusive. Benicio Del Toro's mysterious DJ character has his own figure, although we still really know much about him.  He has something written on his headgear but it's impossible to make out. There's a new version of Rey carrying her lightsaber, and Finn in an Imperial disguise which looks pretty awesome. Kelly Marie Tran's newly-introduced character Rose also has her own Pop, along with a variety of different First Order troops. And I'm guessing this will be the final Princess Leia Pop! figure, which is pretty sad to think about. Then again if I know Lucasfilm, and Funko for that matter, they'll find more ways to keep producing new ones.

It looks like the only way I'm going to own BB-9E is in Pop! Vinyl form, which is just fine with me. General Snoke also turns up in non-holographic form for the first time. Considering I already have the gigantic hologram version of Snoke, I'll pass on that one. Then again this one has the golden robes, so maybe I'll cave in and get it. The Captain Phasma and Kylo Ren figures are basically identical to the previous line, so I may pass on them, too.

You can find the complete lineup at Funko's website here, and watch an unboxing of the figures here. Trust me, there are a lot more.

Force Friday begins at midnight which is when you'll be able to start buying some of these, either in stores or online. For the best deals anywhere you'll want to check out our friends at Entertainment Earth!