OF COURSE! Disney May Launch Separate Marvel & 'Star Wars' Streaming Services

Hey. Hey you. Disney wants your money. They've already got it in bushels but it may be about to get worse. Yesterday we learned the Mouse House was pulling their titles from Netflix in preparation to launch a streaming service in 2019. Okay...makes sense. Pretty cool to have Pixar, classic Disney animation, Marvel, and Star Wars all under one house, right? Well, maybe that won't be the case.

Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed to analysts that Marvel and Star Wars may have totally separate streaming services, which means you'll be paying separate subscription fees for both. Oi vei.

“There’s been talk about launching a proprietary Marvel service and ‘Star Wars’ service. But we’re mindful of the volume of product that would go into those services. And we want to be careful about that. We’ve also thought about including Marvel and ‘Star Wars’ as part of the Disney-branded service. But there we want to be mindful of the ‘Star Wars’ fan, the Marvel fan, and to what extent those fans either overlap with Disney fans or are completely separate and incremental to Disney. So it’s all in discussion.”

Yeah yeah it's all "in discussion", sure. Iger's explanation is ridiculous, every streaming service, just like any channel, has programming that appeals to different people. There's absolutely no reason that Marvel and Star Wars need to be excluded from Disney's other properties, unless it's to bleed customers dry.

Keep an eye on this but I think you know where this will eventually go. Disney may launch in 2019 with all of their properties under one service, then separate them after you've had a taste and are hooked. It's like a drug, man! [Deadline]