Now Matt Reeves Says 'The Batman' IS Part Of The DCEU

Okay, this is getting ridiculous watching Warner Bros. and DC Films trip over themselves the last few days. The amount of confusion and flip-flops lately has been stunning, and something you don't ever see out of Marvel. When they've got news, they drop it when they're good and ready and it's confirmed. And now here comes another 180 degree reversal from yesterday's story that Matt Reeves' The Batman is a non-continuity film outside the DCEU.

Reeves hit Twitter and cleared up the mess, basically saying that he meant his film will focus solely on Batman and not other members of the Justice League. Hmmm...okay...

Not sure if I buy that or if Warner Bros. saw the reaction and course-corrected. Whatever the case, the one question Reeves doesn't answer is if Ben Affleck will be Batman following Justice League. That very much remains in doubt and only picked up steam after Casey's comments and last night's update that Ben is finished.