New Trailer For 'The Defenders' Will Make You Want To Punch Iron Fist Even More

Oh, there's so much to say about this new trailer for The Defenders, titled "The War for New York." But I can't say much without spoiling what goes on in the first four episodes, which Netflix was kind enough to make available.  So it'll have to wait until my recap of the season next weekend.

Here are a few takeaways, however. It features a lot of Iron Fist (Finn Jones) stuffing his face, "It takes a lot of energy to summon my chi."while he and the rest of the not-quite-a-team hang out in a Chinese food restaurant like an episode of Seinfeld. Also, we see the textbook hallway fight scene that every Marvel/Netflix show has had so far, only this one is actually well-lit for once. I won't comment on how much actual action there is during the early episodes, but I'll say this fight was pretty sweet.

Oh, and Iron Fist is still so totally punchable.

The Defenders hits Netflix on August 18th.