Jessica Chastain Ups The Ante In First Trailer For Aaron Sorkin's 'Molly's Game'

There aren't many screenwriters whose style is immediately distinguishable from the rest, but Aaron Sorkin is definitely one. From the small screen to the big, Sorkin's words have carried over, inspired memes, and won tons of awards. But the question is whether he can make the same kind of impression as a director? We're getting the first answer to that question with the debut trailer for Molly's Game.

Starring Jessica Chastain as Molly Bloom, the film centers on the former Olympic-level athlete and student who found herself in charge of the most exclusive poker game in the country, attended by celebrities, politicians, and other high-rollers until the whole thing came crashing down. Idris Elba plays her attorney, and judging by the trailer he'll need some convincing on this case. Michael Cera, Jeremy Strong, Kevin Costner, Graham Greene, Bill Camp, Chris O'Dowd, and Brian d'Arcy James co-star.

All of Sorkin's tics are on full display; from the machine gun back-and-forth dialogue to the walking and talking. Molly's Game should be a lot of fun when it opens on November 22nd.