Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor May Have Been Cut From 'Justice League'

As we saw with Michael K. Williams getting dropped from the Han Solo movie during Ron Howard's reshoots, a film rarely ends the way it begins. And that is turning out to be the case for Justice League, as well, which has also seen the loss of its director, Zack Snyder, and subsequent replacement by Joss Whedon. The changes Whedon has brought reportedly include the dropping of Darkseid as the teased major villain, in order to focus solely on Steppenwolf. And it appears that another character has been given the axe.

Batman On Film report that Jesse Eisenberg won't be returning as Lex Luthor, as had been previously confirmed.  They aren't clear if he ever had a role to begin with, or if he was cut during reshoots. Does it matter? It's surprising either way because Luthor's deleted scene in Batman v Superman is how Steppenwolf and the Mother Boxes were introduced, and it stands to reason he'd be around to at least see what havoc has been unleashed. Or perhaps not.

It sounds like a lot of streamlining is taking place on Justice League and I'm curious to see how the whole thing pans out now. It makes me wonder if Eisenberg is done with the role altogether. He isn't exactly the biggest fan of these movies to begin with, right?

Justice League opens November 17th.