Jeremy Renner & Taylor Sheridan May Reunite For A Doc Holliday Series

After scripting the acclaimed screenplays for Sicario and Hell or High Water, Taylor Sheridan made the move to directing with Wind River. And after checking the film out a few months ago my takeaway was that he may be even better when his words are played out as exactly as he envisioned them. One of the actors he entrusted to make that vision a reality was Jeremy Renner, and it must have been a good experience because the two may be reteaming on Renner's Doc Holliday project.

Speaking with Collider, Renner mentioned he may work with Sheridan on the Doc Holliday project announced back in May...

“Yeah. And then Taylor and I are talking about doing a cable limited series of the origin story of Doc Holliday.”

Renner calls it a "cable limited series", but it appeared to be a movie before. Plans may have changed in the months since, and that may actually be for the better. Westerns have fared better on the small screen lately, and giving Sheridan a wide berth to tell the story of Holliday, who began as a dentist before going out west to hang out with Wyatt Earp, could be the stuff Emmys are made of.

As for when this could happen? Who knows? Renner is going to be tied up for a while with Avengers 4, while Sheridan has TV series Yellowstone starring Kevin Costner. So this may take a while to come together.

Sheridan and Renner's Wind River is in some cities now, expanding into wide release next week.