Jennifer Garner Returns To Action With 'Peppermint'

Jennifer Garner may have settled into a career of boring "mom" roles but she used to kick a lot of ass. Who can forget her as spy Sydney Bristow on Alias? Those wigs! That  led to her appearance as Elektra in Ben Affleck's Daredevil, followed by her own solo movie that...well, didn't go much further. And then that was pretty much it. But now she's back and eyeing a potential career renaissance similar to Liam Neeson and Keanu Reeves, by agreeing to star in the action flick, Peppermint.

So it's perhaps fitting that the director is Pierre Morel. Morel directed the awesome District B13, but also Neeson's turn in Taken, Sean Penn's performance in The Gunman, and John Travolta in From Paris with Love. We can argue about the quality of those movies some other day, but he's certainly the right director for what sounds like a typical revenge flick. Garner plays a woman whose husband and daughter are gunned down in a driveby murder. After waking up from her coma she sets out to become a lethal killing machine, and on the 10th anniversary of her family's death she sets out to get revenge on everyone she holds responsible, from the bottom of the food chain to the top. The script was penned by Chad St. John, who wrote London has Fallen

Between this and Atomic Blonde I hope this is the beginning of more veteran actresses getting their own action franchises. I'd kill for a Theron vs. Garner flick someday, directed by Lexi Alexander. A guy can dream.  No word on when Peppermint will begin filming but my guess is that it will be soon. [Deadline]