Ian McShane Joins David Harbour In The 'Hellboy' Reboot

Fans seem to be warming up to the idea of a new Hellboy. David Harbour was greeted warmly at Comic-Con this year, with the Stranger Things actor playing up his own geek cred. And if there are any stragglers still upset, one way to win them over is by casting somebody everyone loves, like Ian McShane.

The Deadwood and American Gods star will play Professor Broom in Neil Marshall's Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen. Broom is the occult researcher who found a baby Hellboy and raised him like a son, despite his red, blocky, demonic appearance.  The late great John Hurt played him in both of Guillermo Del Toro's live-action movies.

No word on a Hellboy release date but filming will begin next month. Expect more casting soon. I'm particularly interested in seeing if they'll cast someone to play pyrokinetic Liz Sherman. In the comics she and Hellboy are merely friends, but she took on a new level of popularity as his lover in both of Del Toro's movies.