Here's Our First Look At Josh Brolin As Cable In 'Deadpool 2'

We knew it was coming, and now it's here! Josh Brolin continues his takeover of Marvel, first by playing Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War. And now we're getting our first look at him in Deadpool 2 as the time traveling Askani warrior, Cable. This follows on the heels of the debut image of Zazie Beetz as his partner-in-crime, Domino.

And right off the bat I'd say they've got the look down. The hair, the star-shaped scar over the eye, the oversized gun, the techno-organic metal that makes him look like a cyborg. It's unclear just how much of Cable's convoluted history (he's the son of Cyclops and an evil clone of Jean Grey..sent to the future where he battled Apocalypse....and...well, more) will make it into the movie but my best guess is...oh, probably none. He'll probably just be another mutant hitman or something. So boring.

So what do you think? Deadpool 2 opens June 1st 2018.