Domhnall Gleeson Parties Hard In Red Band Trailer For 'Crash Pad'

Sometimes a lot of really talented people get together and the results are, at least in appearance, considerably less than the sum of its parts. That does look to be the case with Crash Pad, a comedy starring Domhnall Gleeson, Christina Applegate, Thomas Haden Church, and Nina Dobrev, with Alexander Payne as a producer. And yet it looks like a poor man's Bachelor Party or any of a million other stupid comedies that generally go straight-to-VOD nowadays. If it wasn't for the level of talent involved it probably would have.

But then...that whole Alexander Payne factor could mean there's more under the hood than this NSFW trailer suggests. Or it could be a favor to his longtime editor Kevin Tent, who makes his solo directing debut after co-directing Ultra Warrior and Black Belt II in the '90s.  The synopsis...well, it's friggin' ridiculous, and I don't think I can do it justice.

In director Kevin Tent’s film, Gleeson plays Stensland, a young man who finds himself bitterly disappointed to learn that the woman with whom he’s just had a one night stand (Christina Applegate’s Morgan) is, in fact, married. Moreover, she slept with him just to get revenge on her two-timing husband Grady (Thomas Haden Church). Making things far weirder, Grady responds to this situation by moving in with Stensland so the two of them can heal their equally wounded hearts by drinking booze, smoking marijuana, and bedding strangers — thus sending the proceedings into a twisted tailspin that, by the looks of the first trailer, will revolve around Gleeson’s perpetual awkward befuddlement.

Crash Pad hits Digital HD on September 26th, theaters a month later, and it already has a DVD date on December 5th. So yeah, they're droppin' this one like it's hot.