David Tennant's Killgrave Is Returning For 'Jessica Jones' Season Two

In comic books and soap operas the rule is they aren't dead if you don't see the body. Well, that rule doesn't always apply. For characters like Killgrave the Purple Man, who we saw played by David Tennant in Jessica Jones' first season, one has to factor in his mind control abilities. While it seemed unlikely that he would return for a second season given his fate, EW has now confirmed that Tennant will indeed be back.

Exactly how Killgrave returned is unclear, but it could just be in a flashback. Or, and this is what I think, he used his mental abilities to make Jessica see what she wanted to see. We also don't know how long his appearances will be, but I think it's safe to assume Killgrave isn't the primary antagonist this time.

Jessica Jones returns to Netflix next year, but you can catch her this weekend in The Defenders.