Channing Tatum To Take On Mexico's Drug Cartels In 'Bloodlines'

How dumb do you have to be to sell drugs when Channing Tatum is around? Didn't you see 21 Jump Street? Dude's totally a narc. Anyway, Tatum will bust up a drug cartel in Bloodlines, a new film based on Melissa Del Bosque's book with a title that's way too long.

The film doesn't have a director yet, but it will be penned by Straight Outta Compton writer Jonathan Herman. The story centers on two rookie FBI agents who find themselves in pursuit of Miguel Trevino Morales, feared leader of the Zetas, Mexico's most powerful drug cartel. Here's the book synopsis:

Drugs, money, cartels: this is what FBI rookie Scott Lawson expected when he was sent to the border town of Laredo, but instead he’s deskbound writing intelligence reports about the drug war. Then, one day, Lawson is asked to check out an anonymous tip: a horse was sold at an Oklahoma auction house for a record-topping price, and the buyer was Miguel Treviño, one of the leaders of the Zetas, Mexico’s most brutal drug cartel. The source suggested that Treviño was laundering money through American quarter horse racing. If this was true, it offered a rookie like Lawson the perfect opportunity to infiltrate the cartel. Lawson teams up with a more experienced agent, Alma Perez, and, taking on impossible odds, sets out to take down one of the world’s most fearsome drug lords. 

I guess this is one way for Tatum to make up for Triple Frontier not happening. Add this to the list of projects Tatum has that will probably come before Gambit. Tatum can be see this weekend in Steven Soderbergh's Logan Lucky, and will star in Kingsman: The Golden Circle later this year. [Deadline]